All increased spawns, encounters, event raids, and bonuses for Pokémon Go Fest 2021

So many different Pokémon, so little time to keep up with them all.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest 2021 is not only the biggest event for the game every year, but it is also one of the most confusing. There are so many moving parts that might only be active for a limited time before being replaced by something else. 

This year the event will run on July 17 and 18 from 10am to 6pm local time, with new bonuses and encounters, like Meloetta and other Pokémon wearing Meloetta-inspired hats. 

Each day for Go Fest 2021 will focus on something specific. Day one will focus on hourly habitats, special costumed Pokémon, and the Global Arena Challenges, while day two is going to be a special raid day, featuring every Legendary Pokémon that has ever been available in Pokémon Go

Because of this divide, the event spawns, raids, and other bonuses are going to work a bit differently from the typical Pokémon Go event. So if you plan on participating in Go Fest 2021, here are all of the unique spawns and raids that will be featured throughout both days—excluding habitat encounters. 

Spawn increases

General spawns

  • Pikachu (Go Fest 2021 hat) (Shiny available) 
  • Jigglypuff (Shiny available) 
  • Whismur (Shiny available) 
  • Chimecho (Shiny available)
  • Kricketot (Shiny available) 
  • Audino (Shiny available)

Incense spawn increases

  • Unown F (Shiny available) 
  • Unown G (Shiny available) 

Photobomb encounters

  • Rock Star Pikachu (Special Research reward)
  • Pop Star Pikachu (Special Research reward)

Event-specific raids

Day one raids

  • One-star
    • Galarian Ponyta (Go Fest 2021 hat)(Shiny available)
    • Galarian Zigzagoon (Go Fest 2021 hat)(Shiny available)
    • Shieldon
    • Deino (Shiny available)
  • Three-star 
    • Galarian Weezing
    • Hitmontop
    • Alolan Marowak
  • Five-star
    • TBD

Specific Egg Hatches (7km)

  • Lapras (Shiny available)
  • Cleffa (Shiny available)
  • Igglybuff (Shiny available)
  • Whismur (Shiny available)
  • Kricketot (Shiny available)
  • Chingling
  • Audino (Shiny available)
  • Tympole (Shiny available)
  • Deino (Shiny available)

Event bonuses

  • Evolve Kirlia into Gardevoir and gain access to Synchronoise
  • Evolve Vibrava into Flygon and gain access to Earth Power
  • Lure Modules last for three hours
  • Egg Hatch distance is halved
  • Shiny encounter rates are increased for ticket holders
  • All players can perform six Special Trades per day

All habitat rotations

New Pokémon in event

  • Pikachu (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Galarian Ponyta (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Galarian Zigzagoon (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Gardevoir (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Flygon (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Rock Star Pikachu
  • Pop Star Pikachu
  • Meloetta

New Shiny Pokémon in event

  • Pikachu (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Galarian Ponyta (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Galarian Zigzagoon (Go Fest 2021 hat)
  • Unown F
  • Whismur
  • Chimecho 
  • Audino
  • Tympole
  • Throh
  • Sawk