Throne of Eldraine’s Beanstalk Giant stomps into Magic

Beanstalk Giant has a unique ability that may make it a role player even in eternal formats.

Beanstalk Giant Art Magic the Gathering
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Magic: the Gathering‘s newest set, Throne of Eldraine (ELD) has a powerful new uncommon looking to make an impact. Beanstalk Giant has everything green decks are looking for: early game ramp and a massive late-game finisher.

Beanstalk Giant is the kind of card that can slot into any Limited deck. It uses the new Adventure mechanic to provide ever-useful ramp and color-fixing. In the late game, you can then cast it for a gigantic creature that gets even bigger, just as long as you keep playing lands.

Beanstalk Giant Spoiler Magic Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

This card will be an all-star in Limited, where it provides early and late-game value. Once you cast it as a creature, it’ll need an immediate answer or threaten lethal damage just by swinging. Even if you don’t cheat it out and just cast it using mana from lands, it’s a 7/7 creature that just gets bigger.

In Standard, this may even find a home in a few other decks. Mono Green may need a finisher as it’s losing Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Of course, lacking trample, Beanstalk Giant is a much weaker play, though there are ways around this drawback.

Interestingly, Beanstalk Giant is potentially a role player in casual Eternal formats like Commander and some cubes, specifically as a replacement for Krosan Tusker. Tusker provides more immediate card advantage when it cycles, but Giant remains available to play later in the game unlike Tusker. With a unique mechanic, expect this card to be one of the more notable uncommons coming out of ELD.