The best AFR Black Common and Uncommon cards in Limited

Destroy any Creature.

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Black in Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms isn’t filled with removal like some previous sets, but is a superb support color for multiple Limited archetypes.

There are some solid payoffs for dice-rolling mechanics found primarily in Red and Blue. If you’re drafting a Venture deck, Black can support many of the cards in White and Green.

Whatever color pair you end up drafting, Black is a strong color in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Limited. Here are the best Black Common and Uncommon cards in the Limited format.

Black Dragon

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The dragons in every color are worthwhile additions to any Limited deck. Black Dragon is a 4/4 Flying threat that gives an opposing Creature -3/-3 until end of turn. This is enough to kill a Creature or impact an opponent’s blocking plan. There are better top-end finishers for Black decks, but Black Dragon will pull its weight.


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If Drider gets in for damage, the 2/1 Menace and Reach tokens it creates will be hard to deal with. There are plenty of effects that make a Creature unblockable in this set. Drider is also valuable as a blocker. There are a lot of Creatures with Flying in this set, so Reach is a premium ability to have.

Fates’ Reversal

This is a cheap way to get a Creature back from your graveyard with the additional value from Venture. Two mana to get a key Creature in your hand is worthwhile, especially in a deck that wants your Creatures to die. Incidental Venture triggers are strong and Fates’ Reversal enables that.

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Grim Bounty

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Good, clean removal. This four-mana Sorcery gives you back one mana as a Treasure token. Sorcery speed hurts this spell, but it is unconditional removal that helps Treasure decks.

Yuan-Ti Fang-Blade

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This Creature puts your opponent in a tough position. This three-mana Deathtouch threat is a formidable blocker and attacker. If Yuan-Ti Fang-Blade deals combat damage to a player, you Venture. When attacking it puts your opponent into a position where they must trade a Creature or let you Venture.

Sepulcher Ghoul

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There are several cards in Black that provide effects when they die. You don’t always want to rely on combat to kill your Creatures. Sepulcher Ghoul is a sacrifice outlet that enables your Creatures with death triggers and turns into a 4/3 for combat.