Mystical Archive brings classic MTG spells to Strixhaven

Play Demonic Tutor in Limited.

Image via WotC

Strixhaven will shake up its Limited environment with spells from Magic’s history through the Mystical Archive.

Each pack of Strixhaven will contain a spell from the Mystical Archive, a collection of 63 spells from outside the main Strixhaven set. These spells can be drafted and used in Limited. Their inclusion in Strixhaven packs will not affect their legality. Some of the spells will not be included in Historic due to power-level concerns.

Mystical Archive cards will receive special art and frames with flavor text ripped straight from the scholarly library within Strixhaven. Collector booster packs will contain three Mystical Archive cards instead of the one that’s included in draft boosters

Here are the three cards revealed for the Mystical Archive:

  • Opt
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Swords to Plowshares

Strixhaven is the upcoming set scheduled for a tabletop release on April 23. Spoilers are expected to start in late March, but during today’s Weekly MTG stream Wizards of the Coast revealed a cycle of new Strixhaven instants and sorceries based on the five schools represented in the set.

Wizards is introducing updated wording on their cards in Strixhaven. Converted mana cost is being phased out in favor of “mana value” and Demonic Tutor simply says “shuffle” instead of the much wordier “shuffle your library.”