MTG production team listens to Brian Kibler’s advice for Mythic Championship III

The MPL listened and improved streaming coverage.

Magic the Gathtering Mythic Championship III streaming coverage
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A week ago, Magic: The Gathering pro Brian Kibler shared his strong opinions about streaming coverage on YouTube, and the Magic Pro League (MPL) production team listened, changing coverage formats for Mythic Championship III.

Kibler called out the MPL and Wizards of the Coast for not listening to his advice regarding MPL Weekly and Mythic Championship live Twitch coverage. Magic: The Gathering then came to him for advice on streaming coverage, but it didn’t listen regarding engaging the viewership audience.

Kibler’s criticism toward the MPL stemmed from a significant drop in Twitch viewership during MPL Weekly and Mythic Championship II coverage. His solution included doing pre-interviews with players as a way to connect Magic: The Gathering competitors with Twitch viewers. Another solution included a lack of live cams showing players reactions during the match (a standard in Twitch esports streaming).

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Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III kicked off at 10am CT today with a livestream via the MTG Twitch channel. Featuring three days of matches with 68 players competing for a total prize pool of $750,000 on MTG Arena, the MPL production team listened to Kibler’s advice and made changes to its streaming coverage.

MTG Mythic Championship III’s stream is a huge improvement over previous MC coverage, showcasing pre-match promo videos and live cam coverage of the players during feature matches.

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Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III on MTG Arena runs from June 21 to 23 with the champions taking home $100,000 and 50 Mythic Points. Streaming coverage of MCIII is on Magic’s Twitch channel with coverage beginning each day at 10am CT.