Here’s everything you need to know about MTG Mythic Championship III

Find out the dates, formats, and conflicts for Mythic Championship III.

Magic the Gathering Mythic Championship titles
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Taking place in Las Vegas with competition taking place in Magic: The Gathering Arena, Mythic Championship III airs live on Twitch from June 21 to 23 with a total of 68 players attending the event.

Unlike the Mythic Invitational, which was also played on MTG Arena, Mythic Championship III is a Magic Pro league (MPL) qualifying and invite tournament. Players who won a chance to compete in the MTG Mythic Championship III come from the top 1,000 Mythic rankings in MTG Arena, of which the top 16 after competing earned a slot. In addition, 16 discretionary invites were issued by the MPL to combine for a total of 36 “challengers.”

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These challengers will face off against the MPL Pros, with the top four players from MPL Weekly (winners of their MPL Divisions), getting a day-one bye. In total, 68 players will battle it out on MTG Arena in Standard Constructed for three days in hopes of taking home a piece of the $750,000 prize pool.

Being held in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Mythic Championship III on MTG Arena is a best-of-three Standard Constructed tournament. Day one players will compete in Swiss rounds, double elimination will take place for day two, and top-four double elimination on day three.

Earning themselves a bye from the chaos of day one are MPL Weekly Division champions Brad Nelson, Brian Braun-Duin (BBD), Ken Yukuhiro, and Rei Sato.

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Invited by the MPL, along with the top 16 from the MTG Arena Mythic ranked qualifiers are the following players:

  • Montserrat Ayensa
  • Jeffrey Brusi
  • Kai Budde
  • Corey Burkhart
  • Nicholas Carlson
  • Jason Chan
  • Wyatt Darby
  • Amy Demicco
  • Andrew Elenbogen
  • Ashley Espinoza
  • Patrick Fernandes
  • Evan Gascoyne
  • Simon Görtzen
  • Emma Handy
  • Vanessa Hinostroza
  • Ben Hull
  • Takashi Iwasaki
  • Giana Kaplan
  • Yuma Koizumi
  • Matias Leveratto
  • Raphaë lLévy
  • Yuki Matsuda
  • André Santos
  • Greg Orange
  • Eric Oresick
  • Nhi Pham
  • Teresa Pho
  • Luis Scott-Vargas (LSV)
  • Alexey Shashov
  • CJ Steele
  • Ondřej Stráský
  • Marcin Tokajuk
  • Noah Walker
  • Allen Wu
  • Kentaro Yamamoto
  • Aundrey Zoschak

Magic: The Gathering didn’t specifically list who the 16 special invites went out to on the above list, however, names like Luis Scott-Vargas and Greg Orange stand out.

One name missing from this list of invites is the Mythic Championship II champion, Eli Loveman. It’s unknown whether Loveman was unable to attend the Mythic Championship III in Las Vegas or if the MPL simply overlooked his name and made a huge mistake.

In other controversial and drama-related events, a Mythic Championship typically takes place at the same location as the MagicFest/Grand Prix. Mythic Championship III, however, is in Las Vegas while at the same time Seattle MagicFest/Grand Prix will also take place. Whether this was intentional or just an oversight, Magic: The Gathering is competing against itself for unknown reasons.

MTG Mythic Championship III will livestream the MTG Arena matches via their Twitch Channel from June 21 to 23 with first place taking home $100,000 and 50 mythic points.