MTG Hall of Famer Reid Duke apologizes for publicly supporting Owen Turtenwald

Duke apologized to the Magic community.

Reid Duke Magic Pro League player and 2019 Hall of Fame inductee
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering pro Reid Duke has issued an apology today to clarify remarks he made in support of former MTG player Owen Turtenwald, who came under fire for predatory behavior towards women earlier in the year.

“I’m sorry for causing pain with the things I’ve said,” Duke wrote. “I’m also sorry for what I haven’t said—which I now realize can be just as serious. The truth is that the way Owen treated people was wrong, and that point is well understood between him and me. Any support I offer him is for the sake of the better person that I know he can be—and not to defend the conduct of his worst moments.”

Turtenwald was removed from the first Mythic Invitational that took place in March due to allegations of predatory behavior towards women. He later departed the MTG scene and is streaming and competing in Hearthstone now. 

Duke first showed support for Turtenwald shortly after the former MTG pro addressed the allegations in August and apologized for his behavior. Duke was later inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame and gave his acceptance speech at the Mythic Championship VI earlier this month, where he further thanked Turtenwald for being a friend and teammate.

Duke stands as one of the most influential Magic pro players. His induction to the Magic Hall of Fame this year was won by a landslide of votes, putting him as the only individual inducted into the 2019 MTG Hall of Fame class. 

Ranked at ninth, Duke will likely retain his seat in the upcoming 2020 MPL season. Only one major tournament remains in the 2019 season, Mythic Championship VII, which begins on Dec. 6 to 8.