MTG Dominaria United goes live, offering 3 free booster packs

Crack those new packs.

Image via WotC

Celebrating 30 years of Magic: The Gathering, Dominaria United launched today on digital platforms, offering players three free booster packs in MTG Arena

Players can rejoice in the digital launch of Dominaria United (DMU) today on MTG Arena by cracking open three free booster packs for the Standard-legal set. The set’s release today dropped without any major issues and is fully live at time of writing. Players who want three free booster packs can head to the MTG Arena store and type in “PLAYDMU.” 

Renewal rewards are also dropping within MTG Arena. Unlike previous years, WotC broke up the renewal rewards into immediate individual card rewards and additional rewards offered within the DMU Mastery Pass. As long as players logged into MTG Arena prior to the launch of Dominaria United today, a green egg should appear upon logging in after the update. Within the egg are 10 individual card rewards with a rarity of Rare or higher. 

Both DMU Draft and Sealed went live with today’s update as well. The Dominaria United Limited format looks promising, featuring a number of viable staple two-color archetypes. Players also have the option of drafting three or more colors, resulting in some of the best DMU Draft archetypes so far. And don’t miss out on those bomb Rare and Mythic Rare cards within the Limited format for Sealed games. 

Within the Standard format, players can expect a major meta shakeup. New and reprinted DMU cards will push existing archetypes and revive others while the 2022 Standard rotation removes four sets from the format. 

Players can test out all the new Dominaria United cards and Limited format starting today, Sept. 1. Tabletop players can dive into prerelease events taking place from Sept. 2 to 8. A global launch for DMU will take place on Sept. 9.