Magic: The Gathering’s Banned and Restricted team says no bans before Mythic Championship VI

There won't be an emergency ban on Oko.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering’s Banned and Restricted (B&R) team doesn’t plan to implement any emergency bans before Mythic Championship VI.

Following Mythic Championship V, Field of the Dead was banned from the Standard format on Oct. 21. But it wasn’t the only card disrupting the metagame.

Now, the Magic community is calling for another emergency ban on Oko, Thief of Crowns given the current state of the Standard meta. But with less than a week before Magic pros need to turn in their decklists for Mythic Championship VI. the B&R team said there are no emergency ban scheduled. 

The Magic Esports Twitter page has likely been flooded by comments in conjunction with a Standard metagame that’s predominantly made up of Green cards due to the power of Oko. 

Just in the past week, Oko-Food based decks have dominated the MPL Eldraine split tournaments and the MTG Arena Mythic Championship Qualifiers. But there are a handful of players who are bucking against the Oko trend. 

Chirs Kvartek and Antonio Da Rosa chose not to play Oko at the Arena MCQs and still landed in the top-16, earning a seat at Mythic Championship VII. A majority of top-level Magic players, however, are taking the safe route with the newly-developed Sultai Food deck. 

With MCVI in Richmond just a little over a week away, the Magic B&R team isn’t going to ban any cards due to the short time table. Players need weeks of playtesting before submitting a deck for a major tournament and there are only a few days left before submissions are due for Mythic Championship VI. 

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The next scheduled Banned and Restricted announcement will take place on Nov. 18.