Kvartek lands top 16 at MTG Arena Mythic Championship Qualifiers

Kvartek will return to MCVII after choosing not playing Oko.

Chris Kvartek Mythic Championship Magic The Gathering Arena
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

After going undefeated in day one of Mythic Championship V, Chris Kvartek is back in MCVII after finishing in the top sixteen of today’s MTG Arena Mythic Championship Qualifiers (MCQ). 

Playing a Golgari Adventures deck, Kvartek was one of the few who chose not to play Oko, Thief of Crowns. During day two of the MCQ, Oko appeared in a total of 68 decks with 270 copies. 

Here are the top sixteen Mythic Championship Qualifiers attending MCVII and the decks they won with.

  • Daniel Vega (Dav3m): Sultai Food.
  • Alexander Steyer (Sorquixe): Simic Food.
  • Antonio De Rosa (Antonino): Rakdos Sacrifice.
  • George Kaschihin (Jorj): Sultai Food.
  • Kohei Yoshino (Kiteon): Sultai Food.
  • Pierson Laughlin (PJ the Crusher): Sultai Food.
  • John Girardot (Dftleonidas): Temur Control.
  • Frederico Bastos (Batox): Sultai Food.
  • Pierre Violleau (Wargate): Simic Food.
  • Raymond Nevison (Even_Jesus_Would): Simic Flash.
  • Chris Kvartek (Kvarteck): Golgari Adventures.
  • Andrew Smith (Zvavok): Sultai Food.
  • Miguel Da Cruz Simões (Edmvyrus): Esper Control.
  • Jordan Cairns (Heisenb3rg): Bant Food.
  • Issak Krut (IssakKrut): Bant Ramp.
  • Simone Rocutto (DicroismoCirrolare): Golgari Adventures.

Kvartek wasn’t interested in playing the safe route with Oko following the ban on Field of the Dead. The key card in his Golgari Adventures was four copies of Noxious Grasp (also known as the Oko, Nissa, and Teferi killer). 

Much like Kanister’s Golgari Adventure deck in the MPL Sapphire Division Eldraine split playoffs, Kvartek relied on three copies of Rankle, Master of Pranks. He also included two copies of Liliana, Dreadhorde General and three of Vraska, Golgari Queen. 

Despite falling short during day two at MCV, Kvartek isn’t throwing in the towel and will once again give the best Magic players in the world a run for their money at MCVII.

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The top sixteen in today’s Magic Arena’s MCQ’s have earned a seat at Mythic Championship VII on Dec. 6 to 8.