Invite system revealed for the Magic World Championship

Who’s getting an invite to the largest tournament of the year?

Magic the Gathtering Mythic Championship III streaming coverage
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A use for Magic: The Gathering Mythic Points has been partially revealed after WotC announced who’s been invited, or can earn an invite, to the Magic World Championship. 

A total of 17 players will compete in the upcoming Magic World Championship which contains a prize pool on $1 million. Combining tabletop and MTG Arena tournaments into one grand finale showdown, four players have already earned themselves a seat. 

Last years Magic World Champion Javier Dominguez has an automatic invite, along with the champions from the three Mythic Championships that have already been played. This includes Autumn Burchett, Eli Loveman, and Mattias Leveratto. Loveman and Burchett earned their invites by winning an MC tabletop tournament while Leveratto is the first MTGA Mythic Champion of the year. 

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In addition to the eight Mythic Championship invites (four tabletop and three MTGA), the top four MPL Pros and “Challengers” of the year get an invitation based on Mythic Point rankings. According to WotC, if the top Mythic Point ranked individual already has an invite, then it’ll get passed down to the next highest-ranked Mythic Point player.

Apparently, Andrea Mengucci (winner of the Mythic Invitational) is not receiving an automatic invite.

Players can only earn Mythic Points at an MC tournament. To clear up confusion on how to get invited to an MC, WotC released a variety of ways in which players can earn an invite. In this list, however, is “being a top finisher at a Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) event.” As of now, no MCQ’s have been scheduled past the first of August for this year.

Here are the qualifications towards attending an MC according to WotC:

  • Being a top finisher at a Mythic Championship Qualifier
  • Winning a Magic Online Championship Series event
  • Being a top finisher at a Grand Prix
  • Having the appropriate Pro Players Club status
  • Finishing with 33 match points or greater at the previously held Mythic Championship

While the invite system towards MTG Mythic Championships and ultimately, the Magic World Championship, remains somewhat inconsistent (select invites to MTGA MCIII)—it hasn’t fully crashed and burned. Although, there is a ton of room for improvement. WotC also needs to be more open and consistent regarding how individuals receive invites to Mythic Championships and the Magic World Championship.

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The Magic World Championship will take place sometime in December 2019, as no official date or location has been released by WotC thus far.