Everything you need to know about MTG Mythic Championship IV

Tabletop Modern returns to the Mythic stage.

MTG Mythic Championship III top four players
Screengrab via Twitch.tv/magic

The Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship IV, which will show off the Modern Horizons set in Draft and Modern in Constructed, begins July 26.

The Modern format has returned to the MTG Mythic Championship stage with three days of live coverage of Draft and Modern Constructed. Beginning July 26 and running through the 28, Friday and Saturday are split into two parts with Sunday featuring the top eight playoffs. 

Friday and Saturday coverage

Featuring the Modern Horizons set while using the new London Mulligan rule, Friday and Saturday mornings consist of Limited Draft play. Each player will pick a card from three rotating booster packs to build the ultimate deck. Following Draft, the afternoons consist of five rounds of Modern Constructed. All coverage can be viewed via the livestream on Magic’s Twitch Channel.  

  • Friday, July 26: Modern Horizons Draft followed by five matches of Modern Constructed. Coverage begins at 2am CT
  • Saturday, July 27: Modern Horizons Draft followed by five matches of Modern Constructed. Coverage begins at 2am CT
  • Sunday, July 28: Top eight playoffs in Modern Constructed. Coverage begins at 2am CT

The broadcast team for MCIV contains fan favorites Marshal Sutcliff and Maria Bartholdi, along with a host of MTG gurus for a breakdown of match play and decklists. 

Three-day format

Decklist’s are being shared at MCIV, much like they were during MCII. A decklist will be available to the public on Friday, July 26. Players will receive their opponents decklist one minute prior to the match. While they are allowed to review it, players aren’t allowed to take notes. Sideboards will be included in the decklist submissions, however, the quantity of each card in the sideboard isn’t required until the top eight face-offs on Sunday, July 28.

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Players who finish with 12 or more match points will advance to day two at MCIV. Following matches from the second day, MTG officials will announce the top eight players (based on points scale) for Sunday’s playoff rounds. 

Once the top eight is decided, the playoffs will take place in a single-elimination bracket. Each match is played in a best-of-three format in Modern Constructed. The first two games played are pre-sideboard, meaning players aren’t allowed to pull cards from their sideboard in-between game one and two. Game three will, however, will allow for players to swap out main deck cards for ones in their sideboards.  

Mythic Points and prize pool

Despite the controversy surrounding Mythic Points and the Magic Pro League (MPL), WotC is using the ranking scale as a basis for entry into the Magic World Championship. The winner of MCIV earns 50 Mythic Points through 29 place, who earns five points. 

The total prize pool for MCIV is $500,000 with the winner earning $50,000. Players who finish 471 and above will earn $500.  

The winner of MCIV will automatically earn themselves an invite to the Magic World Championship. Coverage of the fourth MTG MC begins on July 26 through the 28, beginning at 2am CT on the Magic Twitch channel