Wizards of the Coast leaves Channel Fireball in the dark regarding Magic: The Gathering MCQs

WotC is in the hot seat, again.

Luis Scott Vargas MTG Mythic Championship
Screengrab via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is in the hot seat once again after reports spread of canceled Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) tournaments, with Channel Fireball (CFB) saying its in the dark regarding the 2020 schedule and registration for MTG tabletop events. 

After widespread reports of WotC removing a MCQ event from the Atlanta MagicFest, CFB issued a statement that leaves many to wonder what’s going on at Wizards of the Coast. Saying its essentially out-of-the-loop when it comes to the 2020 tabletop MTG schedule, CFB tossed the ball back to WotC as the main source who needs to answer valid complaints coming from the Magic community.  

MCQ tournaments were created by WotC as a means for players to earn an invite to an MTG Mythic Championship. Those who get invited are considered some of the best up-and-coming players in the world. Originally, the current MCQ season for Mythic Championship VI in Richmond was supposed to run through September 22, with Atlanta, running from September 20 to 22, being the last MCQ event at a MagicFest for an MC in 2019. 

The CFB website for the Atlanta MagicFest no longer has an MCQ on its list of tournaments. Additionally, it has information on its website saying players can earn invites to MC #1 2020, outside of an MCQ. 

“If you go X-2 or better, or make top eight of an Individual Grand Prix, or are on a top-four team of a Team Grand Prix, you’ll be invited to one of the Mythic Tabletop Championships,” the CFB website says.

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And yet, according to the tweet issued by CFB, Wizards of the Coast has yet to reveal registration and scheduling of 2020 events. This leaves many to wonder how CFB, who runs all MTG tabletop tournaments, is in the dark regarding everything about the upcoming season.

This isn’t the first time this year WotC has received criticism from the MTG community, mostly due to decisions made by the Magic Pro League (MPL). In what seems like chaos in upper-management, the MPL has changed how players get into the Pro League, leaving many Pros, including those in the MPL, wondering how they can get in for 2020. 

In addition to poor communication, WotC has also had to deal with a Hall of Fame MPL player cheating during MCII (Yuuya Watanabe) and various MPL players leaving for unspecified reasons. And let’s not forget about the War of the Spark Mythic Box debacle, in which there’s an ongoing lawsuit against WotC and Hasbro.

Neither the MPL or WotC seems to know what is going on in regards tpMTG tabletop tournaments in 2020, leaving CFB in the wind, and many players wondering the status of future MCQ tournaments.