Confusion ensues over the possible removal of MCQ’s at MTG Grand Prix Tournaments

Are MCQ tournaments gone, or is it all a misunderstanding?

MTG Mythic Championship III top four players
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WotC is reportedly doing away with Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) events at Grand Prix Tournaments, starting with the one in Atlanta. And the MTG community isn’t happy about it.

MagicFest, held in Atlanta on Sept 20 through the 22, has reportedly removed the MCQ tournament and is offering refunds for those who were attending specifically to play in the event.

According to the Magic: The Gathering website, MCQ’s were being held at MagicFest events from Aug. 3 to Sept. 22 for the Mythic Championship VI in Richmond. On the locations listed for registering in an MCQ, Atlanta is not mentioned. The last location listed is São Paulo, Sept. 14. 

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On the CFB MagicFest events page, there is no mention of an MCQ tournament. Instead, the website states that if certain requirements are met, those individuals will receive an invitation to a Mythic Championship tournament. 

“If you go X-2 or better, or make top eight of an Individual Grand Prix, or are on a top-four team of a Team Grand Prix, you’ll be invited to one of the Mythic Tabletop Championships,” the CFB website says.

Atlanta was previously supposed to send qualifiers to Richmond but is now listed as sending those who meet the requirements to MC #1 2020. The Mythic Championship VI in Richmond takes place November 8 through the 10. 

As of now, it seems individuals can still earn an invitation to MTG Mythic Championships, just not through an MCQ at the Atlanta MagicFest. Whether the MCQ tournaments will still take place at the local game store level for MC #1 2020 is unknown. As of now, WotC has not responded regarding the possible removal of the MCQ tournament at the Atlanta Grand Prix or the future of MCQ events.