Hasbro moves MTG WotS Mythic Edition lawsuit to federal court

Hasbro has until July 10 to respond.

War of the Spark Mythic Edition box set
Image via Hasbro eBay Magic: The Gathering

After denying responsibility for Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark Mythic Edition oversold and canceled orders, Hasbro has moved the class-action suit filed against it from a state to federal court.

Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are still dealing with the Mythic Edition debacle from May 1. A class-action lawsuit was filed by Werner Wetherington, P.C. in Atlanta on behalf of Magic: The Gathering customers following thousands of canceled orders by Hasbro.

The suit is seeking damages for customers who received a “confirmation of sale” after purchasing the MTG War of the Spark Mythic Edition box but later had the orders canceled. Only 12,000 units were printed but over 30,000 were sold due to a technical glitch.

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Wizards of the Coast refunded customers for the oversold Mythic Edition box sets, but many customers are still seeking money for shipping costs that weren’t initially refunded—in addition to the lawsuit. Hasbro, in conjunction with eBay, also sent customers who had canceled orders a full sheet of mythic and rare foil War of the Spark cards and a $20 gift code to be used on a future eBay purchase.

According to Hasbro, in a statement provided by Matt Wetherington (lawyer for Werner Wetherington, P.C.) on a Reddit thread, no fault can be assigned for the oversold and canceled orders because the problem was beyond Hasbro’s control. The company also blames eBay and a third party for the technical failure that took place.

“Due to technical failures between eBay and a third-party inventory control service provider, which were wholly outside of Hasbro’s control,” Hasbro said in court documents, according to Wetherington.

Wetherington claims that Hasbro will likely move to dismiss the complaint filed by Werner Wetherington, P.C. now that it has moved the case from a state to federal court. Hasbro has until July 10 to respond.