How to watch Core Set 2021 MTG Arena Early Access stream

Watch streamers test out the new Standard and Historic meta.

MTG Ugin Core Set 2021
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is providing fully-stocked accounts to hundreds of streamers for the Core Set 2021 MTG Arena Early Access event. 

Players can get a sneak peek at what the new meta may look like via the Early Access Streamer event taking place from June 24 at 10am CT to June 25 at 8am CT. Following the event, an update for the M21 set will take place, and MTG Arena should be up and running again between 12pm CT and 1pm CT. 

Streamers participating in the MTG Arena Early Access event will have full access to every card in the Standard and Historic formats. This will include the Jumpstart cards being added to Historic. Streamers can also compete in Limited, providing players with an idea of what pre-release and Draft will look like. 

The M21 set contains a total of 274 cards, featuring the planeswalker Teferi as the “face of the set.” Contained within the set are 111 Common, 80 Uncommon, 53 Rare, and 15 Mythic Rare cards. Some are some new and a good amount of them are solid reprints. 

There are a total of six planeswalkers in M21, five that have a vertical cycle of cards built around them. There’s even a cycle that pays tribute to spellcasters from Teferi’s past. And the Buy-a-Box promo card is Rin and Seri, which is available to unlock in MTG Arena with a wildcard. 

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The Early Access Streamer event in MTG Arena will start at 10am CT on June 24 and run until 8am CT on June 25. 

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