Every reward in MTG Arena New Capenna Mastery Pass

Tap into booster pack and cosmetic rewards.

Image via WotC

Contained within the Magic: The Gathering Arena Mastery Pass for Streets of New Capenna are booster packs, three pets, two card sleeves, and avatars via the Mastery Tree.

Scheduled to release digitally via MTG Arena on April 28, Streets of New Capenna (SNC) will bring about a new Mastery Pass, Mastery Tree, and free-to-play pass rewards. Unlike the previous NEO Mastery Pass, the SNC one contains an Ob Nixilis avatar but offers each of the five family legendary patriarchs as an avatar via the Mastery Tree. Gold and gem rewards are the same, along with three obtainable pets and MTG Arena Standard booster packs. 

The SNC Mastery Pass is included in the Ob Nixilis play bundle and can get purchased separately within the MTG Arena store for a total of 3,400 gems.

Here’s every reward offered within the New Capenna Mastery Pass:

  • Avatar: Ob Nixilis
  • Legendary crime boss avatars: Raffine, Lord Xander, Ziatora, Jetmir, and Falco via Mastery Tree
  • SNC booster packs: There are a total of 36 New Capenna booster packs
  • Booster packs:  three Streets of New Capenna, three Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, three Innistrad: Crimson Vow, three Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, two Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, two Strixhaven: School of Mages, two Kaldhiem, and two Zendikar Rising
  • Mythic Rare individual card rewards: A total of 10 New Capenna Mythic Rare individual card rewards
  • Individual card rewards: An Uncommon individual card reward can get earned at level 71 and each level afterward 
  • Card sleeves: Giada, Font of Hope, and Treasure Exquisite
  • Card styles: A total of 25 Mastery Orbs, 15 Common, and 10 Uncommon card styles
  • Gold: 4,000 total gold
  • Gems: 1,200 total gems
  • Pets: Adversary Construct, Rustic Construct, and Demonic Construct

There are a total of 70 levels within the SNC Mastey Pass with all players able to earn rewards up to level 54. Free-to-play players can earn up to 36 New Cappena booster packs and five Mastery Tree Orbs. The SNC Mastery Pass will run until the release of Dominaria United.