All invocation spells in MTG’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Is it worth playing something that requires so much of one color?

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Playing a spell in Magic: The Gathering that requires four of a specific color of mana can sometimes be difficult to justify, but there’s a cycle of rare spells in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty that may be worth the dedication to one color.

Depending on what type of deck you’re playing, these five mono-colored sorcery spells with “Invoke” in their name could be a powerful tool. But it’ll be difficult to play them in many multi-color decks because they all require intensive amounts of one color. All five cards are rare and cost five mana.

Here are all five invocation spells in MTG’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Invoke Justice

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The White Invocation spell is the type of top-end card that you’ll want to have in a creature-heavy deck, like a lifegain deck filled with Angels. For five mana, it returns a creature from the graveyard to the battlefield and allows you to put four +1/+1 counters on creatures you control as you wish.

Its place in the meta will be highly dependent on the prominence of creature-heavy decks that are predominantly White. Based on the state of Standard and Historic, though, that could potentially be something worth at least testing out.

Invoke the Winds

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The Blue Invocation is an Act of Treason effect on steroids. Instead of simply taking control of a creature for a turn, you take control of it permanently. If you’re playing against a deck that has a high number of threatening creatures and artifacts, this card could be a difference-maker in swinging the game in your favor.

This card could very well see some play in control decks, but it will heavily depend on how prominent Blue control decks end up being in the meta. Like all the invocations, needing four Blue mana to cast it could be a hindrance.

Invoke Despair

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Invoke Despair has the potential to be a quality removal card but giving opponents a choice is less than ideal. Even if your opponent has no creatures, enchantments, or planeswalkers, it allows you to drain your enemy for six life and draw three cards, making it playable in mono-Black decks. 

This card likely won’t see much play outside of fringe decks that want to only play Black, like Waste Not decks for instance. 

Invoke Calamity

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The Red invocation could be the top-end card that some mono-Red decks need to finish games. Five mana could be too much to pay, but being able to replay two spells from your graveyard for free could very well be what you need to finish off a tight game.

At its core, the spell should be able to consistently deal six damage to an opponent’s face. While that’s not the most efficient mana-cost for the damage you’re dealing, this card is likely one you’ll only want to have if you’re flooded with lands, so having one or two in your deck could be worth trying out.

Invoke the Ancients

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This card could very well end up being a useful tool in mono-Green stompy decks. Getting two 4/5 creatures out for five mana is massively valuable in Standard and Historic, and that’s before you put your choice of Vigilance, Trample, or Reach on them.