All allied uncommon legendary creatures in MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

They'll help you navigate your draft

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Magic: The Gathering’s latest set, Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, has a strong focus on mono-colored cards. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its multi-color creatures.

There are 10 uncommon, two-colored legendary creatures in the set, one for each color pairing—and all of them are the signpost for one of the set’s draft archetypes.

Each of the cards is an uncommon rarity despite being legendary, so there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll stumble upon at least one or two during a draft.

If you see the legendary creature that happens to fit your colors, you might want to consider grabbing it because it will probably synergize with what you’ve already picked.

Allied color pair archetypes in this set include a combination of old favorites like Blue-Black rogues that mill opponents and new concepts like White-Blue cards that venture into dungeons.

Here are all five of the allied color uncommon legendary creatures in MTG’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker

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For three mana, this Blue and White 2/3 wizard will give you twice the benefits from adventuring through dungeons. You’ll probably only want to run Hama Pashar in your limited deck if you plan on using the set’s new Dungeon mechanic frequently.

Krydle of Baldur’s

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Wizards of the Coast didn’t do anything fancy with this Black and Blue legendary creature. While his name connotes lore, the rogue fits the mold of what you might expect.

Whenever he deals damage to an opponent, they have to mill a card while you gain life and scry one. This fits perfectly into traditional mill strategies associated with the color pairing.

Kalain, Reclusive Painter

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The use of treasure tokens has become increasingly prevalent in Red-Black archetypes, especially because of ways that it can synergize with decks that use sacrifice mechanics.

For just two mana, Kalain can bring massive value in decks that want to make a lot of treasure tokens and use those tokens to summon creatures. And at worst, he’s a 1/2 body and a treasure token that you can get on the board on your second turn.

Targ Nar, Demon-Fang Gnoll

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Targ Nar might be a Gnoll, but he perfectly fits the description of a “bear” card in MTG. The two-mana 2/2 is all about buffing your creatures when you attack in numbers.

If you’re running Red and Green together, you’re more than likely looking to play aggressively and swing wide with your team—and Targ Nar is the perfect low-cost creature to lead the way. 

Meanwhile, his activated ability is ideal for late in matches when you might not have anything in your hand but you need to finish your opponent.

Trelasarra, Moon Dancer

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Lifegain and playing around with +1/+1 counters are an evergreen part of the Green-White color combo. And this set isn’t trying to make the archetype more complicated than it has to be.

As a 2/2 for two mana, Trelasarra will synergize perfectly with decks that want to gain life. Pair this bear with a healthy amount of lifegain cards and Trelasarra will be a powerful threat to your opponent in no time.