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Monopoly GO free Dice links (April 2024)

You'll be rollin' in the dough in no time!

For those seeking Monopoly GO free Dice links, simply keep an eye on this page. We regularly update it with safe, verified links as soon as they’re officially released. These free roll links typically offer 15 to 50 Dice and sometimes include Sticker Packs and event tokens too.

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Despite Monopoly GO being free-to-play, getting extra rolls to keep playing events may be a hard task. That’s why developer Scopely regularly gives you a little help with free Dice links that automatically reward you with extra rolls to keep playing. Our list below has every active Monopoly GO free Dice link you can click and claim today.

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Dice bouincing in air in Monopoly GO!
Get your Free Dice. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Around one to two free Monopoly GO Dice links will drop each day. Be sure to keep watch for 30 Free Dice reward links. To claim your free Monopoly GO Dice, just click on any of the links provided below.

We test every link. All free dice links that expired on or before April 1 have been removed from our list.

To claim your rewards from Monopoly GO Dice links, click one of the links above on the same device you play the game on. Your game will automatically open and display the rewards you’ve received, which you can claim by clicking the big green Claim button. If you’re on a different device, re-open this page where you have Monopoly GO installed.

Developer Scopely publishes new Monopoly GO free roll links almost every day. On rare occasions, the company might skip a single day, but it’s normal for players to get at least one new working link each day. We update this page with new links as soon as they’re made public.

Mr. Monopoly holding gifts with dog walking beside him
Get your Free gifts. Screenshot via Dot Esports

If the Monopoly GO Dice links above aren’t working for you, it’s possible you’ve already claimed them from another source. These official links are generated by Scopely, the game developer, so every trusted source, including us, shares the same links. If you’ve visited another website or a Monopoly GO community for links, they’re likely the same ones we offer, explaining why they can’t be claimed a second time.

Claimed gifts on Monopoly GO!
Try another link to get Free Dice and Stickers. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Alternatively, a link may have expired, as they don’t last indefinitely. We regularly check and remove any expired links from our list to keep it up to date.

Lastly, if you’re a new player, make sure you have played the game enough. You can only claim Dice links past level 15 of net worth when you unlock Albums.

Six ways to get free Dice rolls in Monopoly GO

Aside from free Dice links, there are other ways to get free rolls in Monopoly GO! Here are the best and easiest ways:

1) Claim daily login rewards

Every day you play Monopoly GO, you will be greeted once with a daily rewards screen that will often have a few dozen free dice for you. Log in every day to claim it in the game.

2) Increase your net worth

In Monopoly GO, many net worth milestones provide free Dice rolls as rewards. To advance towards these milestones, focus on building and upgrading properties on your current board; each upgrade adds one point to your net worth. Additionally, having a sequence of Hotels on the board can also contribute to your net worth points, helping you inch closer to those free roll rewards.

Dice shown in Monopoly Go above the board, with two characters in the middle section.
Free rolls will keep you playing longer. Image via Scopely

3) Play Community Chests

Playing the daily Community Chests in Monopoly GO can occasionally reward you with Dice rolls, which you earn from friend tokens collected in the minigame. While the number of rolls is typically between 20 and 30, this modest amount can provide a helpful boost, especially if your dice bank is running low.

4) Bring friends to the game

Making friends join Monopoly GO benefits both of you as you’ll both get free Dice rolls. You can repeat this process with up to 10 people. These players must be new to the game and create an account using your link. Adding existing players as friends won’t give you free rolls.

5) Claim Endless Bargains and Endless Offers

Check out the real money offers on the left side of your Monopoly GO board. Those tagged as “Endless” often start with free rewards, including 10 to 20 free Dice rolls. Always claim these freebies, but be cautious and stop when you see the next step requires a payment.

6) Take advantage of events and tournaments

Playing during a Monopoly GO event or tournament with solid Dice rewards can increase game time played, like Monopoly Origins solo events. Using the Dice multiplier when within five to seven tiles of a Chance can also increase your Dice collection if lucky. Every day or so, Monopoly GO adds new tournaments and events where you can claim free Dice.

And that’s all you need to know. Enjoy your free dice rolls in Monopoly GO.

Update Apr. 19, 10am CT: All Monopoly GO Free Dice links were updated.

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