Garena has banned nearly 1.5 million Free Fire accounts for cheating in the last 2 weeks

Almost 15 million accounts have already been banned in 2020.

Image via Garena

It’s already common news that Garena has zero-tolerance for cheating and bans millions of Free Fire accounts for hacking every month. And this time, from Nov. 15 to 28, 1.4 million accounts were permanently banned from the game, according to Garena’s blog post today.

The company has banned almost 15 million accounts just in 2020, according to all of the official announcements made this year.

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Since May, after Operation CutCord, which banned 3.8 million accounts, the company implemented an anti-hack system to catch cheaters in the battle royale. Players with unauthorized third-party apps, scripts, or macros that are caught by the anti-hack team will lose their accounts forever with no chance of recovery

Garena says it tries to prevent cheaters from ever using their hacks in the game, blocking 80 percent of them before they can disturb other players. Casual players aren’t the only people who are banned for cheating, though. Many professional Free Fire esports players have already been banned from tournaments for using hacks.  

If you do encounter a suspicious player during a Free Fire match, you can report them by filling the Hacker Report Form in the in-game support menu.