How to recover a Free Fire account

Banned accounts cannot be recovered.

Image via Garena

A Free Fire account can be created using a valid Facebook, VK, or Google account. With this account, all progress, items, skins, characters and diamonds are saved for the player who earned them. To recover a lost Free Fire account, though, Garena has set some ground rules.

According to Free Fire’s support page, progress made in guest accounts, when a player does not use any valid logins, are not saved in the battle royale’s servers and cannot be recovered. New players must create a valid account before making any progress in the game, or it will be lost once they close the app.

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Banned accounts cannot be recovered either. Players that were banned for using third-party apps that give unfair advantages or change gameplay, bug exploitation, or inappropriate behavior will not be able to get back their Free Fire accounts in any circumstance. Garena has adopted a zero-tolerance policy and says these decisions are final and appeal requests won’t be considered. 

Players that have lost access to their Facebook, VK, or Google accounts, may have options to recover their Free Fire account. For example, a player that disables or deactivates a Facebook account that is linked to Free Fire must reactivate it to be able to play the battle royale. If the social media account was deleted permanently, there is no way to recover it and the game progress is lost. 

If a player decides to reactivate the social media account linked to the battle royale, Free Fire’s support page recommends clearing the game’s cache in their phone settings before logging in again. 

Accounts that were suspended due to a “chargeback,” as Garena puts it, can also be recovered. This occurs when a player buys any item in the game but does not pay for it. If this is your situation, you will receive a warning that the payment must be made until a specific date. Garena will give further instructions and ask for payment receipt so the account can be unsuspended. If the player still has problems, they can submit a request.