Garena bans over 3.8 million accounts for cheating in Free Fire

Cheaters have no place in Free Fire.

Image via Garena

Garena has banned over 3.8 million accounts from Free Fire for using a modified client or third-party programs to play the game, the company revealed today in a blog post. These bans have all been made in the past two months under Operation Cutcord.

Garena said Operation Cutcord was born after the company felt the need to make some big changes to maintain fairness in the battle royale game. As part of this, the developers “sought out” new hacks and scripts and built an index of all possible exploits and ways to deal with them.

The operation has been successful in tracking down and banning almost four million accounts from Free Fire. The accounts banned with evidence of cheating won’t be unbanned under any circumstances. Another group of cheaters may also be banned soon as the developers continue to make “technical breakthroughs,” according to Garena.

As part of Garena’s crackdown on cheaters, the company will also be implementing a system that will prevent people from making new accounts constantly to annoy normal players. 

Recently, Garena banned several pros from Free Fire for hacking. The company later released a statement saying it has a zero-tolerance policy toward hacking and cheating in the game. It added that any player, professional or amateur, caught cheating will be permanently banned from the game.