DJ Alok set to compete in Free Fire streamer tournament

Alok is one of the top 15 DJs in the world.

Image via Garena

DJ Alok will participate in a Free Fire streamer tournament in Brazil as a squad leader, Garena announced yesterday. The second edition of “Treta dos Streamers” will happen online on July 28 and will be streamed on Booyah!, Garena’s streaming platform, starting at 4pm CT. 

Eight teams headlined by streamers will compete in the Clash Squad mode for the prize of 16,000 diamonds. The squad leaders will choose the rest of their teammates from the Brazilian Free Fire community during streams from July 20 to 24. Aside from Alok, streamers Nanda, Marcão, 1Biel, FoxFire, Kazumi, Dutrana, and Thagall will also lead teams.

DJ Alok has been a big Free Fire icon since last year. He became one of the battle royale’s characters in November 2019. Following the announcement that he was going to be in the game, Alok made a live performance during the Free Fire World Series finals with an original new song, “Vale Vale.”

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Aside from being on the list of the top 15 DJs in the world, Alok is now a weekly streamer on the Booyah! platform. He goes live every Thursday and Saturday at 6pm CT. 

Online tournaments have been Garena’s way of engaging with the Free Fire community during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already caused the cancellation of big global battle royale tournaments in 2020, like the Free Fire Champions Cup. Garena has actively organized professional and casual online competitions since March, especially in Brazil, a country with one of the biggest Free Fire communities.

Garena will also host a Latin American Free Fire competition in August. The 12 best teams from the Brazilian and Latin American leagues will compete in “Gigantes Free Fire,” which was also announced yesterday.