Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 7 begins

The season is called Radioactive Agent.

Image via Activision

The seventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile, called “Radioactive Agent,” is finally here. The season was postponed in solidarity with those “speaking up for equality and justice” following the murder of George Floyd.

The battle pass for the season will be available from June 12. The premium battle pass will have new epic soldiers: Ghost – Hazmat & Krueger – Alchemist along with an epic weapon: the QQ9 – Flood. Barricade-themed weapons and items will also be unlockable in the premium battle pass. The newest scorestreak, Cluster Strike, can be unlocked through the free battle pass.

The season seven update has also brought a lot of interesting features to the game. This includes a battle royale map expansion, new class, characters, maps, weapons, battle pass, and more.

The battle royale expansion was revealed a few weeks ago. As many as seven new locations have been added to the map, significantly increasing its size. Smoke Bomber is the latest battle royale class to drop into CoD: Mobile. The active skill of this class throws multiple smoke grenades while the passive allows players to see enemies in the smoke.

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A new game mode, Attack of the Undead, will also be making its way to the game with season seven. Players start as survivors while one player randomly becomes the undead. On being killed, the undead get revived while the survivors turn into the undead.

Two new maps have also come with this update. These are a CODM exclusive map, Tunisia, and the fan-favorite CoD: Modern Warfare’s Gulag.

The season will likely run till the end of the month.