Best ways to level up in Diablo Immortal

Looking for the fastest ways to level up in Diablo Immortal? Look no further. We've got you covered.

A giant demon roars at characters that make up the different classes in Diablo Immortal
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Like any new game, many players are looking to get into the thick of things and participate in a lot of the end-game content the title has to offer—and Diablo Immortal is no different. The Mortal Realm, Sanctuary, is filled to the brim with dangerous enemies, unique dungeons and rifts, and challenging raids for players to sink their teeth into.

One of the largest humps to get over when it comes to end-game content is the hard level, and sometimes combat rating, which is the requirement to participate. With many games like this, players must meet specific requirements to enter a raid or dungeon. The reasoning behind it is typically connected to the player’s ability to do effective damage to the strong foes or their ability to survive hard hits and near-countless mobs inside.

All of that considered, players are wondering what some of the best ways to level up in Diablo Immortal are. Here, we’ll go over some of the most efficient ways to traverse through Sanctuary quickly and reach the end-game content many are looking forward to.

Best ways to level up

The list below will include tips for players to implement into their own play-through. These methods typically involve and recommend skipping portions of the game, or evading content that would otherwise slow down progression. Not all tips below are required to level up quickly. Players can pick and choose what they wish to implement as they see fit.

Complete the main story quests

It is commonplace in many MMO games to lock a large amount of experience behind the main story of the game. Developers want their players to engage in the plot and know what’s going on in the world created. In Diablo Immortal, some of the largest experience chunks are dished out when quests and quest bosses are defeated. Players should look to complete the main quests for the most amount of guaranteed experience.

Avoid most side quests

While side quests can be another fun way to learn more about and engage with the world, they are often not the most efficient way to gain experience. Here, we say “most” side quests because in Diablo Immortal there are some side quests that are as simple as killing an enemy while on your way to completing the main quest. It’s recommended to complete these as they’re fairly easy to do.

Save Battle Points

It’s tempting to redeem these points as quickly as possible. Leveling up the Battle Pass offers large amounts of experience. This experience scales with the player’s level, however. It’s worth hoarding these points for a later time, when they can be turned in at mass and reap the massive experience rewards.

One of the best strategies is to wait to redeem them until close to the level gate as opposed to after clearing a zone or area. It’s possible to wait until a handful of levels before the gate, grind a couple, and then redeem the Battle Points to reach the level.

Always use your best gear

It often goes without saying that using the highest level gear is typically the best. In many MMO games, the gear used to grind out the main story is irrelevant after reaching the end-game where players can massively upgrade unique and legendary armaments. Here, it’s no different, and players will benefit from always using the best gear available to them. This is indicated by the green arrow in the top corner of an armament. The green arrow means that the item is better than what is currently equipped. Using the best gear available will provide more survivability and more damage output to conquer dungeons and defeat strong enemies more quickly.

Additionally, it is worth scrapping the gear with worse ratings to acquire scrap materials. These materials can be used to upgrade gear at that moment, or later on for increases in various attributes.

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Selective mobbing

Selective mobbing means considering what is worth killing. More often than not, one-off mobs are not worth the time to kill. Players should take the time to defeat large groups of enemies to benefit from the chunk of experience rather than one enemy here and one enemy there.

Grind out some dungeons

Once the main story is completed, there will still be some leftovers to grind out to reach the max level. Tackling dungeons is a great fun way to clean up the rest of it. It also offers the chance to party up with other players and quickly clear for an even faster experience. Clearing dungeons will also reward players with various gems that can be slotted onto equipment or used to upgrade current gems.

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Take on bounties

While they have a daily limit, the bounty system in Diablo Immortal gives players a change of pace from grinding dungeons and Elder Rifts. These bounties have a respectable experience reward as well as a monetary reward.

Clearing Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are random dungeons that give players the opportunity to have some fun and destroy large mobs of enemies. In addition to the experience gained, players can also receive Legendary rewards, and even increase those rewards by using various Rare and Legendary Crests to receive Legendary Gems and Runes.

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Diablo Immortal is jam-packed full of content for many players to sink their teeth into. With an engaging story about Mortal Realm, Sanctuary, players won’t feel like they are brute-forcing their way through the game.

There are also many different content pipelines for players to explore. Tearing through, and farming various mob spawns can help players master their abilities and prepare for the even more challenging dungeons, Rifts, and Raids available. With these rewards, players can upgrade their gear and progress further to unlock their class’ true potential.