How to use the Elder Rift in Diablo Immortal

Rewards may vary.

A giant demon roars at characters that make up the different classes in Diablo Immortal
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In MMORPGs, there is always content that keeps the player going after they reach the end of the main storyline and provides them with crafting resources. Diablo Immortal offers an Elder Rift that players can engage with to get gems and other high-level crafting supplies. The player first learns about the Rift in Westmarch as part of the main quest that has them explore the town.

To use the Elder Rift, the player will need to navigate to the north Palace Courtyard, where the portal will be in the center. When the player opens the Rift’s menu, there are three slots that they can put Crests in to modify the Rift and get higher loot in return. There are two different types of Crests: Rare and Legendary, with the latter offering higher rewards and more challenges than the former.

When starting a new run in the Elder Rift, the player has the option to add up to three Crests. When you do, you’ll see the rewards increase based on the level of Crests you put in. The player has the option to invite friends or look for a party to help them. Every other player can add in their own Crests, further increasing the rewards.

A menu for the Elder Rift with three different sites for Crests
Screengrab via Activision Blizzard

The actual battle inside the Elder Rift is simple enough for players who are used to dungeons in other games of the genre. The player will run around the map defeating monsters until they’re able to encounter the Rift’s boss. While in the Rift, the player will fight against a timer that gives extra rewards if they defeat the boss before the clock runs out.

The rewards from the Elder Rift will vary, depending on the Crests that you put into the match. Some examples of what you’ll receive upon completion include Fading Ember, Runes, Experience, and the chance at Legendary gear.