Best PvP Classes in Final Fantasy XIV Online

All classes are different between PvE and PvP.

Image via Square Enix

So you’ve entered the Wolves’ Den and have unlocked the PvP game modes in Final Fantasy XIV. It might be confusing at first to discover all new PvP abilities since they are significantly adjusted for all classes. In that way, PvP feels very different than PvE, and you might end up not liking the same classes.

Choosing a PvP job can be challenging at first, so you might think knowing which classes perform best in those modes would help you make the decision. But in FFXIV, all classes are pretty well-balanced and some only slightly outperform others. Nevertheless, knowing their strengths and weaknesses in those game modes can orient your decision.

Here are the best PvP classes in FFVIX except the Blue Mage, which is not included since it cannot play in those game modes.

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Best PvP Classes in FFXIV

Melee DPS jobs

Melee DPS jobs are ideal for Crystalline Conflict, but it’s not easy to find success when playing them in the other ones. While close-ranged jobs thrive in the new PvP game mode with its small maps, the other game mode’s arenas are much wider.

If you get a bit too greedy, you’ll likely take the focus of many enemies at once. Since it’s large-scaled, engaging in the fight implies more risks. In Crystalline Conflict, on the other hand, the players can retreat from the fight more easily. In addition, being close-ranged means it’s easier to remain in one small area and defend it.

That said, melee jobs aren’t easy to pick up. If you don’t know how to play those, your best bet at first will be jobs that are more accessible, such as the Dragoon. Its combo is easy to learn and his Limit Break is very strong since it makes the Dragoon untargetable before stomping the area chosen to inflict heavy AoE damage.

On the other side, other jobs such as the Samurai, Ninja, and Monk are more challenging to grasp when you don’t know their rotation, so you’ll need to invest a bit of effort to have an impact when playing those.

Physical Ranged jobs

All three Physical Ranged jobs–Machinist, Bard, and Dancer–are all quite different in terms of playstyle. The Dancer is considered one of the most accessible jobs in PvE, but in PvP, the Machinist takes that role. For the players who aren’t accustomed to Physical Ranged jobs, this one can be the best bet, as their combo is simple to pick up and their Limit Break is strong, including an auto-aim on the target.

The Bard and Dancer, on the other side, are less represented in Frontline’s scoreboards and Crystalline Conflict’s highest tiers. They can still be pretty fun to play in PvP, however. While the Bard boasts powerful AoE spells, the Dancer offers the most utility out of those three jobs.

Magical Ranged jobs

In PvE, the Black Mage deals the most damage while the Summoner and Red Mage are crucial to any party due to their Resurrection ability, giving more utility to the team. But in PvP, it’s different. All three jobs can become killing machines when played correctly.

The Summoner can be a bit harder to pick up, while the Red Mage is pretty straightforward. The Black Mage, on the other hand, has the same weakness of long cast delays. It requires flawless positioning, but can also dish significant damage, which makes it rewarding. In Frontline, the Summoner is largely over-represented in scoreboards, possibly thanks to his instant cast spells, which grant more versatility.

Tank jobs

The tank jobs might be the most unbalanced category of jobs in FFXIV following Endwalker‘s significant job changes and Patch 6.1’s PvP rework, even if it also brought buffs to the underrepresented jobs—the Dark Knight and Paladin, especially.

Higher tiers of Crystalline Conflict tiers and Frontline’s scoreboards show the Warrior remains largely overrepresented among all tank jobs. It’s easy to pick up and versatile since it boasts both strong survivability and significant damage. It can do everything a tank can dream of. You can attain the same impact on other tank jobs, but it will take more effort.

Heal jobs

All Heal jobs have a role to play in PvP modes. They’re especially important in large-scale modes since they get enough space to either stay in the backline and heal their allies or poke their enemies at a safe distance. They are all equally viable. The barrier healers, Sage and Scholar, can play more aggressively, while the regen healers, White Mage and Astrologian, will play more defensively in general.

If you’re not used to heal jobs, the White Mage will be your best bet. It’s the easiest job to grasp, with straightforward spells and a powerful AoE Limit Break that can change the course of any fight, whether it’s in Crystalline Conflict or any other mode.