Try this Madden 23 Expired Trial Fix for Xbox Series X

Early bird gets the error.

Image via EA

Madden 23 is set for an Aug. 19 release. Players who pre-ordered the game will get to start enjoying the new game a few days earlier than the rest, however.

Madden 23’s early access went live on Aug. 16, and fans on Xbox Series X have been encountering the “Expired Trial Fix” error which has been negatively impacting their gaming experience.

Though the roots of the error are unknown, fans of the franchise have already found a temporary fix to it until the developers roll out a permanent fix. The solution was shared on Twitter and it looks to be working on older generations of Xbox as well.

To fix the Expired Trial error in Madden 23, players will need to:

  • Launch Madden 23.
  • Press on “Play Trial” when the pop-up appears.
  • Wait until the splash screen says “Press Any Button.”
  • Press A and then “back out to home immediately.”
  • Wait for 10 seconds after backing out and launch Madden 23 again by the tile.
  • Choose “Play Trial” again.

After following the process above, you should be able to start logging into Madden 23’s early access. If the error keeps coming back after some time, you’ll need to wait for an official fix. Considering the official release is just around the corner, you should be able to get into the game on Aug. 19 in the worst-case scenario.

Alternatively, you can also try restarting your console and router before deciding to wait for an official fix.