Riot confirms Bilgewater as new Legends of Runeterra region

Welcome to the port of fortunes and shattered dreams.

Legends of Runeterra Bilgewater
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games released its first teaser trailer of Bilgewater today for the upcoming new set being added to Legends of Runeterra

Over 120 new cards are being added to LoR with its official launch out of open beta on April 30. Players have long suspected the new region was Bilgewater, which Riot confirmed today with a short teaser trailer for the region. 

The trailer begins by highlighting life within and around the port city. Several voice lines are heard from unknown characters or perhaps new cards in the upcoming set.  

  • Enforcer/Hunter: “Times up Bilgerat, you’re all over the bounty board.”
  • Merchant: “My selection speaks for itself.”
  • Seaman: “Thar! Across the way, harpooning!”
  • Gangplank: “Neither the flames nor the depths, can claim me.”

Bilgewater is a city full of unique individuals, from serpent hunters to gang leaders on the docks. Unlike other cities across the Runeterra landscape, Bilgewater doesn’t have a governing body. Money and power rule the streets, with champions like Gangplank and Miss Fortune keeping folks in line through their own methods. 

The champions for Bilgewater have yet to be released, but it’s suspected that Gangplank is one of them and that Fizz might be another, based on voice lines discovered by data miners. While LoR players wait for the reveal of the Bilgewater champions, Riot has released several new champions being added to existing regions. 

The unnamed LoR set with the Bilgewater region will be available via PC only on April 28 and is a part of the official launch of Riot’s digital card game, which is set to release globally on mobile and PC by April 30.