Legends of Runeterra reveals Quinn as new Demacian champion

Demacia’s Wings has arrived, hitting fast and hard with Valor.

Image via Riot Games

Quinn and her trusty eagle, Valor, will join the Legends of Runeterra champion ranks in the Demacian region, Riot Games announced today.

Officially launching LoR at the end of April, Riot is introducing a new set to its digital card game. A total of 11 champions are being added to the card pool, with Quinn being the first champion spoiled today. 

Quinn may not be the strongest champion in League of Legends, but her LoR stats are solid, fitting nicely into Aggro and Midrange builds. With a CMC cost of five, Quinn summons Valor upon entering the battlefield. She also has a new Keyword attached to her called Scout.

Quinn’s purpose is to strike hard and fast, and she achieves that via utilizing other Scout units with a go-wide strategy that allows a player to Rally when only Scout units are used to attack the first time.

Once leveled up, Quinn summons another Valor to Challenge the strongest enemy upon each attack. Go-wide Midrange strategies typically work well in LoR, beating an opponent down for that final lethal hit.

Quinn and Valor become available to play on April 28 via PC and on April 30 with the official LoR mobile launch.