LoR Magic Misadventures Patch 2.21: Full notes and updates

Test out new champions and cards, along with winter cosmetics.

Image via Riot Games

The Legends of Runeterra Magic Misadventures expansion from the Beyond the Bandlewood set is being released on Dec. 8, containing new cosmetics, champions, spells, and units.

Patch 2.21 is the official release of LoR Magic Misadventures, an expansion with a total of 43 new cards. The expansion will include four new championsKennen, Ahri, Rumble, and Patheon—along with the new keyword Fated and the Mecha-Yordle creature subtype. Players can dive into the new Magic Misadventures expansion on Dec. 8 at around 1pm CT. 

Here are the full notes for LoR Patch 2.21 via Riot Games.

System and Path of Champion changes

Challenges and quests have been updated with LoR Patch 2.21 and the AI has new decks that showcase cards within the Magic Misadventures expansion. The region roads for Bandle City, Ionia, and Targon were extended. New archetypes and champions were added to Expeditions. And the Path of Champions is getting updated, showcasing new champions, balance changes, and bug fixes. 

The new champions within the Path of Champions are Kennen, Ahri, and Teemo. And when a player loses their run within the first two battles, an option of three starting powers will be revealed as opposed to just the Unstable Manaflow option.

  • Unstable Manaflow: Grants plus-one mana gem for the first three battles of the run
  • Vitality: Grants plus-10 maximum Nexus health
  • Flexible Gameplan: Grants an option at game start that draws two cards. 

An adjustment was also applied to the wealth score in that it’s based on current gold at the end of a run. Riot applied a number of minor bug fixes and balance adjustments as well, although the details were not listed within the official patch notes. 

LoR card balance changes

Due to the current power level of decks using Poppy, in conjunction with cards getting added via the Magic Misadventures expansion, nerfs were applied to Poppy pre- and post-level-up. A revert was also applied to Young Witch. 

  • Poppy level one: Basic stats nerfed from 4/3 to 3/3
  • Poppy level-up: Basic stats nerfed from 5/4 to 4/4
  • Young Witch: Basic stats reverted back to 1/1, from 1/2

LoR cosmetics

As with any new LoR set or expansion, a number of cosmetics have been added to the digital card game. Providing the flavor of winter and upcoming holidays, skins were added for three champions. 

Santa Braum

The Santa Braum skin showcases alternative art, a “Poro surprise” upon Braum leveling up, and level-up animation. 

Winter Queen Ahri

The Winter Queen Ahri skin features alternative art for the new LoR champion. 

Earnest Elf Tristana

Unlike the two previous skins, Earnest Elf Tristana isn’t a purchasable item within the LoR store. To unlock her alternative art skins, players can purchase at least one Coin package between Dec. 8 and Jan. 5. 

Vastayan Glade

Image via Riot Games

Vastayan Glade is a new Ahri board that has visual effects and music. 

Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri card back

Image via Riot Games

Vastaya Spirit card back

Image via Riot Games

Bandle City card back

Image via Riot Games

Heartbreaker Ahri emote

Image via Riot Games

Too Funny Kennen emote

Image via Riot Games

Elusive Elements bundle

Image via Riot Games

Showcasing Ahri and Kennen, the Elusive Elements bundle is priced at 4,721 Coins, prorated for any items a player may already own. The bundle includes a deck featuring Kennen and Ahri, a Vestayan Glade board, a Winter Queen Ahri skin, a Heartbreaker emote, a Nine-Tailed Fox card back, and a Nine-Tailed Fox icon.

Patch 2.21 bug fixes

  • A bug that was preventing Jinx from leveling up or creating a super Mega Death Rocket! in hand upon Bandle Painter discarding the final card in hand has been resolved. 
  • The volume on Redfin Hammersnout’s SFX has been lowered.
  • A Nexus will no longer take damage prior to Vi’s special attack animation is complete.
  • Cards with targeting parameters that did not align with design standards have been updated. Some cards that could deal damage to enemies can now target any unit, including allies.
  • Most Wanted’s text will no longer go off-screen.
  • A visual bug attached to Trevor Snoozebottom’s Mumblesprite has been resolved.

The next LoR update is scheduled to take place on Jan. 5 via Patch 3.0.