LoR Mecha-Yordle tokens revealed for Magic Misadventure expansion

Get ready for a flood of Mecha-Yordles.

Image via Riot Games

Today, Riot Games revealed 11 Legends of Runeterra Mecha-Yordle tokens for the upcoming Magic Misadventure expansion, likely supporting a champion that hasn’t been spoiled yet. 

Scheduled to release on Dec. 8, the LoR Magic Misadventure expansion will include 11 Mecha-Yordle tokens that represent each region via multi-region classification, with the exception of two representing Bandle City without another region. Each of these tokens gets created via the keyword Manifest, found on today’s Magic Misadventure spoiler Squeaker and Scrapheap. 

Squeaker is similar to Spacey Sketcher, since Invoke and Manifest work in the same way. Squeaker has a higher mana cost of two, however, which could make a difference. Scrapheap is a Burst speed spell that only costs one mana, requiring its controller to discard one to play which then triggers the Manifest of a Mecha-Yordle. 

Here are the 11 Mecha-Yordle LoR tokens that can get created via Manifest:

  • Bouncer & Bolt: Two-drop Bandle City 3/2 with Challenger and Impact.
  • Furyhorn Crasher: Two-drop Bandle City/Freljord 3/2 with Impact that grants top three allies in your deck +1/+1.
  • Geode Mechaforcer: Two-drop Bandle City/Targon 1/4 with Impact and Support that gives supported ally Spellshield and +2/+2 for that round.
  • Salty Spinner: Three-drop Bandle City/Bilgewater 0/4 with Impact that, when summoned or at round start, grants itself +0/+2 for each card discarded in the last round, and then has its stats shuffled.
  • Smash & Dash: Three-drop Bandle City 4/4 that when summoned is granted Impact twice.
  • Professor Von Mech: Four-drop Bandle City/Piltover & Zaun 3/2 with Impact that creates a random one, two, or three-cost follower in hand when summoned.
  • Shadowtech Walker: Four-drop Bandle City/Ionia 2/5 with Elusive and Impact.
  • Dunehopper Mech: Five-drop Bandle City/Shurima 5/6 with Impact that summons two attacking Sand Soldiers when it attacks.
  • Trumpetecher: Five-drop Bandle City/Demacia 4/5 with Impact that when summoned grants other allies +1/+1.
  • Earthshaker: Six-drop Bandle City/Noxus 3/8 with Impact that when it attacks, doubles its power and Impact.
  • Lil Dipper: Six-drop Bandle City/Shadow Isles 5/3 with Impact that discards a unit upon being played and has a Last Breath effect that summons an exact copy of the discarded unit.

Many of these tokens have the keyword Impact, in which direct damage hits an enemy Nexus upon attacking and can stack. The Impact keyword and discard effects could synergize with Rumble, rumored to get added to the Bandle City region within the Magic Misadventure expansion. Until the LoR champion is revealed, though, it’s hard to tell the impact Mecha-Yordles will have on the meta. 

As a side note, the three-drop Smash and Dash Mecha-Yordle image has a likeness to Saucymailman and Swimstrim, as spotted by a Twitter user.

Players can test out the Mecha-Yordles via the LoR Magic Misadventure expansion when it releases on Dec. 8.