Pantheon joins LoR champion roster in Magic Misadventure

Keywords go wild with Pantheon.

Riot Games has revealed Pantheon, the second Legends of Runeterra champion from the upcoming Magic Misadventure expansion, packing a level up that can quickly end games. 

Synergizing with the new LoR keyword Fated that was spoiled yesterday, Pantheon is a four-drop champion from the Targon region. The new champion has Overwhelm, Barrier, and Fated. The keyword Fated increases a unit’s stats by +1/+1 each round an ally targets them, and Pantheon levels up when you’ve targeted allies in five different rounds. 


  • Casting cost: Four
  • Region: Targon
  • Type: Champion
  • Stats: 4/2
  • Keywords: Overwhelm, Barrier, and Fated
  • Level up: “You’ve targeted allies in five different rounds.”
Pantheon Level Up

Upon leveling up, Pantheon’s stats increase to 5/3 and he gains a random keyword for each round you’ve targeted allies that game, which is a minimum of five keywords. The downside to Pantheon is his weak toughness stats, leaving the Targon champion susceptible to removal spells. 

Pairing Pantheon with a champion like Taric or Shen, however, protects the Targon champion and synergizes with his level up. Pantheon’s spell is Pantheon’s Shield Vault, a Slow speed spell that grants an ally +1/+1 and Stuns an enemy unit. 

Camphor, The Doubt

Camphor, the Doubt was revealed with Pantheon today. It’s a six-drop 5/4 that gains Spellshield, Overwhelm, and Challenger upon getting summoned when you’ve targeted allies six or more times that game. 

Freed Colossus

The LoR Magic Misadventure spoilers today also included Freed Colossus, a five-drop 4/5 that creates a Gem in hand when summoned or attacking. And Against The Odds is a three-drop Focus speed spell that grants an ally +1/+1 if your opponent has more units than you. 

Players can test out Pantheon, the new Targon region LoR champion, when the Magic Misadventure expansion is released on Dec. 8.