LoR reveals Kennen champion coming in Magic Misadventures

Hit hard and fast with yordles.

Riot Games revealed today that Kennen is the newest Legends of Runeterra champion with solid baseline stats in the upcoming Magic Misadventures expansion. 

Scheduled to release on Dec. 8, Magic Misadventures will contain Kennen, a new dual-region LoR champion. Kennen is a one-drop 2/1 with Quick Attack, creating a Mark of the Storm in hand upon getting summoned. The yordle’s dual regions are Bandle City and Ionia, synergizing with existing Aggro LoR champions like Zed. 


Kennen Level One
  • Casting cost: One
  • Regions: Bandle City and Ionia
  • Type: Champion
  • Stats: 2/1
  • Ability: “When I’m summoned, create a Mark of the Storm in hand.”
  • Level up requirement: “You’ve summoned the same ally five-plus times this game.”
Kennen Level Up

Upon leveling up, Kennen’s stats increase to 3/2. And his ability to create a Mark of the Storm in hand increases when he’s summoned, blocked, or attacks. Mark of the Storm is a zero-cost spell that attaches to an enemy. If that enemy already has a Mark of the Storm, remove the mark to Stun and deal two damage to that enemy instead. 

Mark of the Storm

As with all champions in LoR, Kennen has a spell called Lightning Rush. It’s a three-cost spell at Fast speed that can recall an ally to deal two damage to anything, which includes your opponent’s Nexus. Upon casting the spell, it creates a Kennen within your deck. 

Kennen’s Lightning Rush

Kennen will likely slot into Aggro builds, specifically Ionia ones that use Elusive followers. The new yordle champion synergizes nicely with Zed but could partner with other LoR champs as well via Recall and Stun synergies. 

Several other Magic Misadventures were also revealed with Kennen today. Ember Monk is a four-drop 3/3 with Quick Attack that gains +1/+0 when you summon another ally. And Rissu, The Silent Storm is a five-drop 1/1 that summons a 7/3 Stormcloud upon being summoned itself.

All images via Riot Games.

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