LoR Rumble powers up Yordles in Magic Misadventure expansion

Bandle City goes discard for Mecha-Yordle shenanigans

Riot Games revealed Rumble as the new Bandle City/Noxus Legends of Runeterra champion today, showcasing a potential powerhouse of Yordle synergies.

Leading up the LoR reveal of Rumble today was a large number of Mecha-Yordle cards created via the keyword Manifest and Magic Misadventure cards with the Yordle card type. Scheduled to release on Dec. 8, the Magic Misadventure expansion will buff Yordles to new heights with the reveal of Rumble and Yordle-Explorer. 


  • Casting cost: Four
  • Type: Mecha-Yordle
  • Regions: Bandle City and Noxus
  • Stats: 5/4
  • Ability: Play—Discard up to three cards to grand allied Rumbles everywhere Impact for the first, Quick Attack for the second, and Spellshield for the third.
  • Level Up: I’ve dealt 12-plus damage
Rumble Level Up

Upon leveling up, Rumble gains the three LoR keywords from his “Play” ability: Quick Attack, Impact, and Spellshield. The Mecha-Yordle also creates a random Mecha-Yordle in hand when you deal damage to an enemy Nexus. And if you already have a Mecha-Yordle in hand, dealing damage to an enemy Nexus pumps all Mecha-Yordles by +1/+1 while also reducing their cost by one mana. 

Yordle Explorer

Synergizing with Rumble and all Yordle card types within Bandle City is the two-drop 2/2 Yordle Explorer. When you summon another Yordle, Yordle Explorer grants it +1/+1—synergizing with Bandle City Mayor and several Yordles in today’s reveal that Manifest a Mecha-Yordle via Discard.

Bilgerat Rascal

Arena Promoter and Bilgerat Rascal both Manifest a Mecha-Yordle upon discarding a card when played, and they provide additional value to that manifestation. Fix-Em-Uppers synergizes with Discard and damage to an enemies Nexus by gaining +2/+1 stats, and Electro Harpoon uses Discard to deal two damage to a unit (which can be your own), along with two damage to the enemy Nexus. 

Rumble’s Flamespitter

Rumbles spell is Rumble’s Flamespitter, a Burst speed LoR spell that grants an ally +2/+0 and Impact, synergizing with the champion towards its level up and abilities post-level up. Arena Mechacaster is a six-drop 4/5 that gives all attacking allies +2/+0 for the round when it attacks as well. 

Players can test out all the Yordle and Mecha-Yordle synergies within the new LoR expansion, Magic Misadventures when it releases on Dec. 8. 

Images via Riot Games.