Zven, PowerOfEvil, and Blaber lead LCS in kills at end of 2020 Spring Split regular season

There were some impressive numbers by the end of the split.

Photo via Riot Games

After two months of heated competition, the 2020 LCS Spring Split regular season has finally come to an end. There were some players who outright dominated in the top-five kill leaders for the season, while others had an impressive bounce-back split that translated into a playoff berth.

Unsurprisingly, Cloud9’s star AD carry Zven led the league with 76 kills this season. He also had a league-leading 15.5 KDA, making it one of the best performances of any LCS ADC in recent memory. Eleven deaths on an ADC in this type of meta is impressive.

In fact, he only had one death through three weeks of play and carried a 72 KDA all the way until week four. C9 also ended one game off of a perfect split and had a team KDA of 2.32.

Photo via Riot Games

Meanwhile, FlyQuest’s new mid laner PowerOfEvil had a great season of his own after coming off a handful of disappointing finishes with OpTic Gaming and CLG. He ended the split with 63 kills, quickly becoming a key piece of a FlyQuest team that battled to second place in the regular season.

Photo via Riot Games

Cloud9’s 20-year-old jungler Blaber also evolved as a player after joining the team’s starting lineup. Before this season, he was notorious for coinflipping performances due to his penchant for overaggression. But in 2020, he started to become a lot smarter with his engages and decisions—and it reflected in his stats.

He ended the season with the least amount of deaths among LCS junglers who started all 16 games and had 59 kills to his name. He was a key element for a Cloud9 team that crushed almost any opposition that they came across.

All three players will have to turn up the heat when the LCS playoffs begin on Saturday, April 4.