Here are all of Zeri’s abilities in League of Legends


Image via Riot Games

Run fast, charge up, and shoot the bad guys with Zeri, the Spark of Zaun.

Zeri, the latest League of Legends champion to make her way to Summoner’s Rift, is an AD carry who harnesses the power of speed and electricity to outrun and outgun her opponents.

Described as a “headstrong, spirited young woman from Zaun’s working-class” in her official biography, Zeri is a native of the deep, dark, and depressing undercity that was recently depicted in Netflix’s Arcane.

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Zeri’s deadliest asset is her powerful rifle, which, according to her lore, was crafted by her mother when she was young. The rifle’s “conductive barrel amplifies her power directly from her hands” and allows the champion to shoot “somewhat precise electric bursts.”

Here are all of Zeri’s abilities in League.

Passive – Living Battery

Zeri gains movement speed whenever she receives a shield. When she damages an enemy shield, she absorbs its energy, shielding herself.

Q – Burst Fire

Passive Zeri’s basic attack deals magic damage, scales with AP, and is treated as an ability. Moving and casting Burst Fire stores up energy in Zeri’s Sparkpack. When fully charged, her next basic attack will slow and deal bonus damage.

Active – Burst Fire shoots a burst of seven rounds that deal physical damage to the first enemy hit.

W – Ultrashock Laser

Zeri fires an electric pulse that slows and damages the first enemy hit. If the pulse hits a wall, it fires a long-range laser from the point of impact.

E – Spark Surge

Zeri dashes a short distance and energizes her next three casts of Burst Fire, causing them to pierce through enemies. She’ll vault over or grind along any terrain she dashes into, depending on the angle. Hitting a champion with an attack or ability reduces Spark Surge’s cooldown.

R – Lightning Crash

Zeri discharges a nova of electricity, damaging nearby enemies, and overcharges herself for a moderate duration. While overcharged, Zeri gains increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed. Attacking enemy champions refreshes the overcharge duration and adds another stack of movement speed. While overcharged, Burst Fire’s damage concentrates into a faster triple shot that chains lightning between enemies.

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