Zed player sacrifices himself by using Flash to save his jungler in a ranked game

This is not something you see every day.

Image via Riot Games

While assassin players usually try to save their summoner spells for a kill, a recent clip showed that they can be selfless sometimes as well.

In the clip shared by user samonster3 on Reddit, the Zed player used his Flash in Blitzcrank’s hook direction to save the injured Lee Sin from imminent death, a rare sight in League of Legends.

The clip begins with a Lee Sin player chasing down a Sett while both of their Flashes are down, signaling that a fight broke out early between the two top laners. Once Sett reached his tower, Lee Sin decided to back away in the mid lane. But this was a huge mistake against any team that has Blitzcrank. After a couple of seconds, the opposing Blitzcrank showed up from the fog of war, ready to land a hook for an easy kill on the Flashless Lee.

But in the last frame of the hook, Zed flashed into the path of the ability to save his ally. It’s unclear whether this was intentional, but Zed definitely gained Lee Sin’s respect after that play. This move goes against all stereotypes that assassin players usually leave their teammates to die and save their summoner spells for themselves.

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