League Worlds 2019: Play-in stage scores, standings, and results

This is just the beginning.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship kicks off with the play-in stage featuring 12 teams competing for four group stage spots.

The play-in stage features international heavy hitters like Europe’s Splyce, North America’s Clutch Gaming, and South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming.

Here are the scores, standings, and results for the play-in group and knockout stages at Worlds 2019.

Play-in group stage

Group A

1Clutch Gaming22
2Unicorns of Love22
3Mammoth Esports22

Group A: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

Clutch Gaming01Unicorns of Love
Mammoth Esports10Unicorns of Love
Mammoth Esports01Clutch Gaming
Unicorns of Love10Clutch Gaming
Unicorns of Love01Mammoth Esports
Clutch Gaming10Mammoth Esports
Unicorns of Love10Mammoth Esports
Clutch Gaming10Unicorns of Love

Group B

1Splyce 31
2Isurus Gaming22
3DetonatioN Gaming 13

Group B: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

DetonatioN Gaming01Splyce
DetonatioN Gaming01Isurus Gaming
Splyce10Isurus Gaming
Splyce01DetonatioN Gaming
Isurus Gaming10DetonatioN Gaming
Isurus Gaming01Splyce

Group C

1HK Attitude31
2Lowkey Esports22
3MEGA Esports13

Group C: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

MEGA Esports01HK Attitude
MEGA Esports10Lowkey Esports
HK Attitude01Lowkey Esports
HK Attitude10MEGA Esports
Lowkey Esports10MEGA Esports
Lowkey Esports01HK Attitude

Group D

1DAMWON Gaming40
2Flamengo Esports13
3Royal Youth13

Group D: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

Royal Youth01DAMWON Gaming
DAMWON Gaming10Flamengo Esports
Royal Youth01Flamengo Esports
DAMWON Gaming10Royal Youth
Flamengo Esports01DAMWON Gaming
Flamengo Esports01Royal Youth
Royal Youth10Flamengo Esports

Knockout stage

Match one (Oct. 7, 1pm CT)

DAMWON Gaming31Lowkey Esports

Match two (Oct. 7, 6pm CT)

Clutch Gaming30Royal Bandits

Match three (Oct. 8, 1pm CT)

HK Attitude31Isurus Gaming

Match four (Oct. 8, 6pm CT)

Splyce32Unicorns of Love