When does Lillia arrive on League’s live servers?

The shy jungler is making her way to Summoner's Rift.

Image via Riot Games

One of League of Legends’ newest champions, Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, is set to arrive on live servers alongside the teased “big” summer event, Spirit Blossom.

Riot’s champion design team has been hard at work; the developer released five champions in 2019 and said six new champions would be arriving in 2020. The first arrival of this year was Sett, the Boss, who made his debut in January. 

Riot’s now getting ready to release two champions, and one of them is Lillia. She’s coming to live servers as early as Patch 10.15, on July 22. The date also marks the start of the Spirit Blossom event, which will come with cool thematic skins.

Lillia is the first dedicated jungler release since 2017 that likes to keep her distance from her enemies. Riot describes her as a shy fawn, and she has a spell-kit that suits her nature. Most of her spells are long-ranged abilities, and her ultimate sends her enemies to sleep.

When does Lillia release?

Image via Riot Games

Lillia is expected to release as a part of League‘s Patch 10.15, which is scheduled to hit the Rift on Wednesday, July 22.

As with every patch, Riot’s also planning to introduce some tweaks to existing champions to spice up the gameplay. Ahri and Udyr will be getting a VFX update, making their spells and auto attacks look more updated.

Considering there is still time before the patch releases, Riot can choose to implement more changes, so keeping an eye on PBE is a must if you’re looking to continue your road to Challenger rank on release day.

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