When does League of Legends’ season 11 start?

It's just around the corner.

Image via Riot Games

After testing out League of Legends’ new item system for a few weeks, fans will finally be able to jump into the season 11 action soon.

Season 11 brings about an item overhaul, balance adjustments, and ranked tweaks, promising some drastic changes from last year. And while players have already been experimenting with the new content, the new season’s start is only a few days away.

Image via Riot Games

When does season 11 start?

Riot will push out Patch 11.1 on Jan. 6, according to the official 2021 patch schedule. And the League client is counting down the days until the ranked season’s start, which falls on Jan. 8 at 6am CT in NA, according to the 11.1 patch notes.

What’s new in season 11?

The major overhaul during the preseason was to the item system, introducing Mythic items, tweaking existing equipment, and removing some gear from the game. Riot addressed any glaring issues through several subsequent patches in an attempt to balance out the new items before the ranked season begins.

There are also a few ranked changes that should make grinding the ladder more enjoyable. Riot removed League‘s unforgiving inter-division promo games at the expense of offering no demotion protection to players sitting at zero LP. And gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter explained last month that Riot will “tone back” LP gained per win since players will be climb faster without the division promo series. Players will also be placed closer to their current rank.

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