Varus, Olaf, and others set to receive buffs in League Patch 11.24b

Patch 11.24b will be the final League patch of the 2021 calendar year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed an extended list of updates and details coming to League of Legends Patch 11.24b earlier today.

The patch includes balance updates to 10 different champions, with buffs coming to five champs and nerfs to five others. Patch 11.24b will go live tomorrow, Dec. 15, serving as a micropatch of sorts to the final major update of the 2021 calendar year.

The five champions being buffed in Patch 11.24b are Gwen, Olaf, Kai’Sa, Varus, and Pyke. Gwen will be receiving the most straightforward buff in the patch since her maximum hit points are set to be increased from 550 to 590. Apart from her, though, the other four champions on the table will receive more intricate buffs. 

Olaf is set to receive more attack speed from his passive ability, Berserker Rage. The maximum amount of attack speed he can get from the ability will increase from a 75 percent bonus to a 100 percent bonus. 

Varus will also receive an attack speed buff from his passive ability, Living Vengeance. Patch 11.24b will alter his passive to make Varus receive bonus attack speed from the ability at levels one, six, 11, and 16. Additionally, the on-hit damage from Varus’ Blighted Quiver (W) is set to be buffed, meaning that Varus will be dealing more damage with his auto attacks at an even faster rate in the new patch. 

Beyond Varus, another prominent AD carry in Kai’Sa will be receiving buffs in Patch 11.24, with bonus damage coming to Second Skin (P) and Icathian Rain (Q). Finally, Pyke will also be receiving buffs in the form of extra health regeneration on his passive ability, as well as increased damage to his Bone Skewer (Q). 

These changes and more will be implemented when League Patch 11.24b goes live tomorrow, Dec. 15. The patch will be the final balance update to League until 2022. The next ranked season of League is set to begin on Jan. 7, 2022.

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