V5 hand Top Esports their first series loss in LPL Summer Split

Ppgod and Samd dominated the bot lane.

Photo via Riot Games

Victory Five took down Top Esports 2-1 today to kick off the seventh week of the 2020 LPL Summer Split.

Entering this matchup with V5, Top, the defending LPL champions, were 8-0 and had only dropped two games since the start of split. But V5 became the first team to take a series off of them, while also improving to 8-2 on the season.

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This series was all about the bot lane. V5 support Ppgod set up many skirmishes for his carry, Samd. They both eliminated Top support Yuyanjia several times without needing the help of their teammates in the early game.

Top also made some great individual plays, though. Mid laner knight’s Cassiopeia was particularly strong in the second game, producing a one-vs-three highlight-reel moment. Despite Top’s players showing great synergy, V5’s clean macro coordination and teamfights were often better today.

Both teams showed relentless aggression throughout the match. They tried to make plays happen around the Rift even when they were behind, finishing games with high kill counts in classic LPL style.

The last game’s gold difference reflects how balanced things were between these teams. Top lost this one despite getting both Nashor buffs and winning the majority of the mid-game teamfights.

Screengrab via Riot Games

V5’s winning play also emphasized the style of the entire series. Even with several V5 players waiting to respawn, they engaged in a fight against Top in the Baron pit and came out victorious. They rushed toward Top’s Nexus and claimed the series win.

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Top remain in first place in the LPL Summer Split standings despite this loss, but V5 are right behind them. They both have six to seven matches left before heading into the playoffs.

Top’s next matchup will be against the rookies of Vici Gaming on Sunday, July 19 at 4am CT. V5 will take on Invictus Gaming on Monday, July 20 at 6am CT.