Tyler1 left speechless after witnessing insane Aphelios 1-vs-5 play in solo queue

They turned the game around after that fight.

Screengrab via Tyler1

Tyler1 is usually a man of many words. But he didn’t have much to say after watching his teammate pull off an impressive play on Aphelios in a League of Legends solo queue game last night.

Over 30 minutes into the game, Tyler1’s team was down 16 kills and they were on the brink of defeat with the enemies pushing their Nexus. Tyler1, playing Ivern, died along with the rest of his team, leaving his teammate on Aphelios in a one-vs-five scenario. But with some quick footwork and Aphelios’ powerful kit, the player took down all five opponents to keep Tyler1’s team in the game.

Tyler1 was flabbergasted after the ace, simply saying “OK” a few times.

This Aphelios one-vs-five play allowed Tyler1’s team to come back, secure objectives, and win the following teamfights before finishing off the enemy’s Nexus.

Aphelios has been a major point of contention in the League community over the past month. The champion has pulled off heroic plays in competitive League and solo queue. Even after several nerfs, the champ still manages to take down multiple teams by himself if he’s slightly ahead and has his core items.

This play is proof that you should never give up on a League game and should always have some faith in your teammates—especially if they’re playing Aphelios. Even if you ultimately lose, you never know if there might be someone on your team who excels in stressful situations and can turn the game on its head.

Tyler1 began his climb as a jungler this season by playing champions like Olaf, Karthus, and Lee Sin. But the streamer discovered Ivern during his break from Twitch, which helped catapult him to the coveted Challenger rank.