Tyler1 fails to make it out of Silver during the second day of mid lane challenge

Mid to Challenger is already looking harder than the top and jungle challenges.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/loltyler1

After beginning his mid lane challenge by going 10-6 during the first day and ending up in Silver I, Tyler1 wasn’t able to go beyond that on his second day.

He played a total of 14 games today and went 6-8, struggling to pick up wins against Silver and Gold players in his quest to get to Challenger by only playing mid lane.

His KDA dropped across the board on most champions, solely maintaining a 100 percent win rate on Irelia after seeing success on multiple champions during the first day of this challenge. Even though Tyler1 seems to be able to win his lane, he doesn’t always transition that into huge leads for his teammates, allowing his opponent to come back into the game once he starts grouping with his team.

When he did the jungle and top lane challenges, Tyler1 was able to quickly climb out of low Elo by skipping promotions with an impressive win rate. But the mid lane challenge looks to be a difficult one for the seasoned player. It’s unlikely that he’ll get to skip promos if he keeps up his current win rate of 53 percent. He’ll need to go on a huge win streak to be able to skip some promos and quickly advance through divisions.

One of the biggest improvements the streamer can make is learning to roam to side lanes while also controlling his mid lane wave. This is something that wasn’t required of him in the top lane or the jungle. But in the mid lane, it’s crucial to learn this tactic. Without it, if he tries to go for a roam and if it doesn’t end up in a kill, he’ll lose a lot of gold and experience while his opponent is becoming stronger.

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