TSM reclaim first place from 100 Thieves in 2021 LCS Summer Split

TSM is making a final push for the first seed in the LCS playoff bracket.

Photo via Riot Games

For 100 Thieves, a win over their main competitor in TSM would have meant the world to them in the LCS playoff race. A well-coordinated performance from TSM resulted in 100 Thieves losing their grip on first place, however, with TSM climbing up to the top of the LCS standings with just two more games to go in the regular season. 

The two teams came into the weekend tied for first place in North America, but after a convincing 33-minute game from TSM, 100 Thieves now has ground to make up in the race for the postseason. Now, for the first time since week three of the Summer Split, a new team holds onto first place in the LCS. 

Granted, both teams have secured their place in the eight-team playoff bracket, but the difference between first place and fifth place in the LCS can be calculated by less than three games, so 100 Thieves still have a chance to slide even further down the standings over the course of the season’s final weekend. 

TSM found themselves winning tonight’s game through Huni throughout the contest, and during the game’s final teamfight, the veteran top laner compiled a tide-turning quadra kill on Viego before finishing the match with a scoreline of 5/0/0. All told, Huni accounted for nearly 27 percent of TSM’s total damage on the day. 

Moving forward TSM will round out their weekend with matches against CLG and Dignitas, two teams that TSM have emphatically dominated since the start of the season. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves will face off against Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses in their quest to reclaim the LCS’ top spot in the standings. 

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