The 5 best Jinx skins in League of Legends

There are plenty to choose from.

Image via Riot Games

When it comes to the best skins for ADC champions in League of Legends, it’s difficult to have a discussion without mentioning Jinx.

Jinx boasts a versatile kit for an ADC champion with a basic attack that can be fired from multiple ranges, a trap, and a long range laser that deals damage and slows enemies.

Over the last seven years, Jinx has received a variety of skins to customize her appearance. Some of these are available for purchase while others are only available during limited timeframes.

Here are some of the best skins for Jinx in League of Legends.

The top five Jinx skins in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Heartseeker Jinx

Image via Riot Games

As part of the Heartseeker theme during the 2020 Valentine’s Day event, Heartseeker Jinx is incredibly detailed with complete remodels of her character and weapon models. This skin has a clear, bright, and playful color palette that can be customized further using chroma upgrades. Of these there are seven different variants.

Unfortunately for players who want to pick this skin up, you’ll have to wait until the Legacy vault is open once again since the skin is not currently available.


Image via Riot Games

One of the most unique skins for Jinx, PROJECT Jinx grants the champion a Cyberpunk-like style complete with laser weapons and mechanical limbs. In comparison to her other skins, PROJECT: Jinx is one of the few options that opts for something based more on science fiction. This skin is also available in a range of chromas offering recolors to suit the player’s preference.

If you are after something different for Jinx, this is a great option to consider and you can pick this up for 1,350 RP in the store.

Ambitious Elf Jinx

Image via Riot Games

This holiday-themed skin for Jinx incorporates many of the characteristics of Christmas into this skin. Ambitious Elf Jinx dons Christmas attire alongside her weapons. One of the key aspects that give this skin its unique playful vibe is the modifications to her weapons including her minigun, which is now a toy train, and her rocket launcher which appears to be a present with some eyes on top.

If you are after a skin that will feel fun and comical every time you use it, Ambitious Elf Jinx is a great choice. But you’ll need to wait until the legacy vault is open once again to have the opportunity to purchase.

Firecracker Jinx

Image via Riot Games

Another holiday-themed skin, Firecracker Jinx was introduced to celebrate the Chinese New Year back in 2015. The inspiration for this skin is clear, donning heavily Chinese-inspired clothing and wielding weapons styled to look like the head of dragons. The detail that has gone into crafting this skin is impressive, and in turn, has given the champion the best-looking weapons from any of her available skins. In 2015, chroma options were introduced for this skin that offer players the ability to purchase a variety of alternative colors.

For only 1,350 RP, this is skin is worth picking up.

Star Guardian Jinx

Image via Riot Games

The best skin available for Jinx currently is Star Guardian Jinx. Part of the popular Star Guardian skin line, this look provides a cosmic aesthetic for the champion complete with two floating companions that transform into her weapons. As you would expect, this skin comes with a whole range of unique features and animations to give it its unique feel and appearance. Introduced into the game in 2016, this skin sports a price tag of 1,820 RP. But for the cost, it delivers the most in-depth redesign for the champion of any of her skins.

If you have to choose one single skin to purchase for Jinx regardless of the cost, Star Guardian Jinx is the best option and is one of the better skins currently available for the champion.