The 5 best champions for URF

Here are the best picks for URF, the super fun League of Legends game mode.

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League of Legends players were excited to hear that the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game mode is coming back to the game after a long time. It might be a one-time thing, but several hours will be spent spamming abilities in the popular mode.

URF offers gameplay with almost no cooldown reductions and no mana or energy cost on abilities. The games are fun, quick, and packed full of action. What makes regular URF more fun is the ability for players to chose which champions to play, unlike in ARUF, the altered version that’s been rotating as a limited game mode instead of URF.

And while being free to pick a champion you want to try and spam abilities with is amazing, after a few games, deciding on who to play next can become a hard decision. To help you out, here are our top-five champion picks for URF.

5) Teemo

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Playing Teemo in URF is super fun. You can run around the map with an almost constant movement buff and cover the whole map in mushrooms, securing some vision and more or less killing anyone who tries to walk around it. The ability to keep enemies blinded all the time is another plus.

4) Zed

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We can’t promise you’ll understand what you’re doing jumping from one shadow to another all the time, but we can assure that you’ll have loads of fun and kills playing Zed in URF. Your opponents won’t be able to keep track of you and your ultimate will almost always be up to quickly turn every trade in your favor.

3) Lux

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If you’re good at playing Lux, you surely heard your opponents complain about the low cooldowns on her ultimate. Now imagine it being 80 percent lower, because that’s what you get in URF. And it’s not just the ultimate that’s satisfying to spam—it’s all of Lux’s pokey abilities, especially due to the CC they offer.

2) Brand

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Brand is another champion with spammy abilities, and playing him with no cost and super low cooldowns puts the whole map on fire. Brand’s ultimate will keep on bouncing from enemy to enemy, and if they try to escape it, there’s always CC ready to stop them. He simply keeps burning everyone down.

1) Shaco

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The best URF pick is Shaco, and it’s the damage this jester can burst out that brings him to the top of the list. High damage, boxes that spread fear, and stealth—all almost always available—allow for great outplays and make stabbing enemies in the back for bonus damage easy. With Shaco, you won’t miss out on power or fun.


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