TF Blade walks into enemy base and gives opposing disconnected player XP so the team cannot remake

It wasn't well-received by the League community, though.

TF Blade suspended on Twitch
Screengrab via Team Liquid

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There are many League of Legends players that will tell you they’d do anything for a win, especially when its a ranked match. Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni showed exactly what he was willing to do, though, when he purposely died at the opposing team’s fountain in order to give a disconnected player XP and prevent his team from remaking the game.

Remakes usually occur when one teammate fails to connect to the match or is flagged as inactive in under three minutes. If the player moves or gains any experience in that time, however, that team cannot remake. In this instance, the enemy Lee Sin accidentally took the summoner spell Teleport instead of Smite. By leaving the game, he was giving his team a chance to remake and avoid playing a tough match.

Unfortunately for that player, TF Blade ran it down to the enemy team’s base and jumped into the fountain, giving the Lee Sin experience points. The opposing team could not remake, which made it all too easy for TF Blade’s team to take the win for themselves. Many people in the League community weren’t too happy with his actions, with some calling it “scummy.”

“Reddit is so fucking shit when it comes to popular streamers. The mental gymnastics some people go through to defend them is just unbelievable,” one Reddit user said. “If this was someone like [IWillDominate], this thread would have 1k comments asking for a permaban.”

Other people saw TF Blade’s actions as a way to bring the issue to light with Riot Games. One solution proposed was to disable any experience gain while someone has been inactive in the fountain until the three-minute mark. Although most people agreed that what TF Blade was wrong, it was a great way to force Riot to adjust the remake system.